This is how you use the SR transfer paper.

Photo transfer on wood and other materials is a popular craft fun with ever growing enthusiasm. But there is one problem all of us know about: the annoying scrubbing and rubbing of the paper after transfering. Too often you damage the motif. The results are unsatisfactory and a lot of paper fibre residues remain, which only become invisible with further layer of glue or varnish.


All these are now a thing of the past - thanks to the SR transfer paper.


This specially treated transfer paper offers THE solution to the problems described above. After moistening the paper with water, it is simply removed like a sticker pulled off. Minutes of nerve-racking scrubbing und rubbing is a thing of the past.


By the way, you will achieve particularly good results by using a laser printer to transfer your motifs onto the transfer paper. Paper jam such as for waxed papers are now excluded.


Just have a look at the manual or the tutorial video shown below to bringing your results with the SR transfer paper to perfection.



All you need is:



a laser (or injekt) printer


photopotch / transfer medium

--- our exclusive recommendation for you are the potches of KREUL ( or PLAID ( ---


- the original SR Transfer paper






First off all put the SR transfer paper in your laser-printer. The fitting image/motif has to be mirrored on your computer and can then be printed – it doesn´t matter which side you print on. The printer settings remain as they are. In case you did not succeed, try to change your printer settings via „advanced settings“ to thin paper or glossy paper.





Then simply cut out your motif you´ve printed on the SR transfer paper.







 Coat the medium (wood, canvas or concrete etc.) with transfer potch upon which you want to transfer to.







Then coat the printed side of the SR transfer paper with transfer potch too.







 Put the parts with a precise fit on each other and try to spread out remaining transfer potch using a scraper or EC-card.

And then left to dry for a few hours – the potch should be completely dry.







Sprinkle or dab the transfer paper carefully with warm water – repeat the process several times and let adsorb for a few minutes. Afterwards pull off the transfer paper slowly – start at one edge of the paper.