Simple.  Fast.  Clean.

This is the new and revolutionary photo transfer paper from SR-Transfer.


No more annoying scrubbing and rubbing. Never again damaged motifs or problems while removing the transfer paper - just pull it off like a sticker! The paper also impresses with its easy handling - explained in just a few seconds in over all 6 steps.  


Exactly: Simple, fast and clean.


We are very pleased that you have chosen the new SR transfer paper. Thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world agree with SR-Transfer: The SR transfer paper is a milestone in the field of photo transfer und leaves nothing to be desired. No matter whether wood, concrete or leather goods, the SR transfer paper is an all-rounder when it comes to photo transfer.


Become a member of the DIY-Community and bring your own style to the surfaces of this world. We are looking forward to your creations!


So what´s your next photo transfer? Try NOW the new SR Transferpaper and pave your way to a personal creative indepence.





Your SR-Transfer Team